Инструкция по применению лекарственного препарата
Инструкция по применению РадаГель
РадаДент плюс гель-фотосенбилизатор тканей к световому излучению.
Инструкция к применению.

Medical diode laser «LAHTA-MILON®»

  • application only highly reliable components of leading world producers
  • the period of service of the laser diodes is not less than 20 000 hours of continuous operation
  • one or two wavelengths in one device is possible
  • reliability, compactness, comfort
  • wide variety of fiber tools, and compatibility with optical fibers of local and foreign production
  • compatibility with endoscopes, hysteroscopes, bronchoscopes
  • no need for additional work on entry of equipment into service
  • the device is ready for operation immediately after switching on
  • low maintenance cost
  • the best ratio of price and quality

 Wavelength of radiationnm 662nm – PDT with «Radachlorin®», «RadaGel®», «RadaDent®plus»
 Wavelength of sighting laser, nm 532 (green)
 Operating mode  constantimpulse
 The allowable diameter of the lightguide tool from 170 mkm 
 Optical connector SMA-905
 Power supply / power consumption, V/Wt  ~100…..240V, 50Hz / 100Wt
 Overall dimensions, mm/kg 240х170х280 / 5
 In dual-wave device LAHTA-MILON:

- any combination of wavelengths from the range 635 nm to 1560 nm

- separate adjustment of radiation parameters of the channels (individual menu for each channel)

- each channel is equipped with an optical connector for connecting optical instruments and sighting laser

The group of companies «MILON» («Kvalitek» LtD, «MILON Laser» LtD)

Year of Foundation - 1992

The company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 13485:2003

Laser electron-spectral device LESA-01-BIOSPEC

Fluorescent videosystem — 

effective monitoring of pathologies with the use of the fluorescent image.

• Visualize of pathology’s fluorescence above the normal colour image in real time.

• Better supervision of pathologies due to a deeper sensing, comfortable operation even in conditions of minor bleeding. For this purpose, the light source in the red wavelength range is used (unlike similar systems, these use the blue range source).

• Work with any fluorescent markers and photosensitizers, approved for medical use in Russian Federation.

• Numerical determination of the photosensitizer’s concentration at a given point in real time (this is important not only for diagnostics, but also for subsequent photodynamic therapy).

• The continuation of observation during laser radiation by PDT — monitoring objects are not overexposed. In this mode the system estimates the power density of laser radiation.

• The possibility of cost-saving improvement of the existing operation of optical endoscopes, colposcopes, operating microscopes to videofluoroscopy.

• Integration with additional equipment, e.g. device for local spectroscopy.

• The use of high quality laser and LED light sources with a long service life.

Production of «Biospec» JSC - the company, that developes and manufactures equipment for FD and PDT.